The Way To America

The Way To America – Cammy and her friend Kuma are hiding from the cops. They want Cammy for murder, so she and her friend hide out and make plans to catch the real killer. Then Cammy’s teddy bear shows Kuma is trying to milk her other friend, Ash’s, giant tits. And then they then drink her milk straight out of her tits. They then use Ash’s hard stiff tits to fuck their pussy and ass. That is an amazing teddy bear.

Superhero Sex Party

Superhero Sex Party

Superhero Sex Party – So, Batman is just like the rest of us, after a long day at work, he could use a nice slice of pussy. So, he brings some chick back to his place after work. But while fucking her, he gets called away on some super hero stuff, so he leaves but his butler takes over his duties and lays some pipe in the sexy babe while Batman is away.

Prison Break Cammy

Prison Break

Prison Break Cammy – Cammy gets out of prison and is on the hunt. She wants to find the shit who framed her. Her teddy bear shows her what has happened and who’s been fucking who. It shows Cammy getting some dildo shoved up in her and some voyeur time when Cammy’s friend got fucked by some dude with a big cock.