Eddy Bear Gets Stolen

You are a teddy bear who has a soul named Eddy. You can have a mind of your own and see your surroundings. You get to see your owner being fucked in a female prison. You see her having an orgy with two other girls, where one of the girls is sucking her tits and rubbing her clit while the other one is kissing her. You also see her being fucked in the pussy by one of the guards of the prison. If you’re a voyeur, you’ll love this game.

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A Perfect Wife

You friend is out of town and his wife wents to go the club for some drinks. You go to the club and before you know it things get out of hand and she takes you to her house for some fun. She is fucking drunk and she wants someone to fuck her. She starts it off by giving you a hand-job then you start licking her pussy cause she is so hot. After that you put her on the table, and then you fuck her good.

Play Here: A Perfect Wife